Are Your Trees Overburdened?

Schedule professional tree trimming and tree removal services at your property in Calhan, Cimarron Hills or Falcon, CO

If your trees are hanging low due to heavy growth, it's time to give them a trim. When you need tree trimming or tree removal services, Sticky Nicky's Mowing and Property Services is here to help. We provide tree removal and tree trimming services to property owners in Calhan, Cimarron Hills and Falcon, CO.

Find out what we can do for you

Whether you want to reduce the risk of a wildfire or remove hazardous branches from your trees before they can fall, we've got you covered. Depend on us when you need:

  • Tree trimming for your overgrown trees
  • Tree removal for a dead or diseased tree
  • Grading to correct erosion issues
  • Stump removal to get rid of tripping hazards


We'll be sure to haul away the debris when we're finished, or we can process trees and branches through our chipper to create mulch for your landscaping project. To get a free estimate on our tree services, contact us today.


7 benefits of keeping your trees trimmed

Routine tree trimming services are one of the best ways to keep your trees beautiful and healthy. Besides making your trees look better, hiring a professional for tree trimming will:

  1. Promote healthy new growth
  2. Counterbalance root loss
  3. Prevent diseases from spreading
  4. Reduce the risk of insect infestations
  5. Give healthy branches better sunlight exposure
  6. Add value to your property
  7. Remove dead or damaged areas

If your tree is unhealthy or too large for its location, we also offer complete tree removal services. Contact us now to schedule a tree removal or trimming services for your Calhan, Cimarron Hills or Falcon, CO property.